Organically whiten your teeth in 2 minutes without using harsh chemicals
We have found 100% natural and organic ingredients that remove
toxins and stains + whiten and polish your teeth

How would you and your family like to have that fresh “dentist clean” feeling every single day?

What if you could do it WITHOUT using harsh and abrasive chemicals EVER AGAIN? Period.

What if you could do it without breaking the bank?

Let me tell you about a completely 100% natural and organic remedy for your teeth that we use to whiten our enamel, remove plaque and also detoxify the mouth of the bacteria that cause cavities.

It has strengthened our teeth and promotes healthy gums, it has reversed sensitivity and soothed pain.  It is gentle on the enamel and safe to swallow, so it’s safe for our kids to use.

We have whitened our teeth to their natural brightest color; and so can you. The completely natural and organic ingredients act like millions of powerful tiny magnets that pull all the stains out of your teeth and the toxins out of your mouth; as opposed to an unnatural bleached-chemical-burn white that has damaging long term effects.

My wife and I had tried abrasive whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and eventually I even tried the treatment at the dentist office where they use a combination of chemicals and UV light. The toothpastes didn’t seem to have any effect, and the whitening strips were a cumbersome process that has all sorts of warnings on the packaging not to swallow the chemicals; but with how long your’e supposed to keep the strips on your teeth, it’s impossible not to. In addition to them also not having much of an effect, I also wondered what damage we were doing to our bodies by swallowing chemicals for several minutes a day for two weeks at a time. Then when I finally tried the dental treatment…

…the experience was terrible; not only did it cost several hundred dollars; but I had to stop the treatment before they were finished because I felt like my teeth were going to break. It took days for my teeth to go back to feeling normal.

And to top it all off?

The results were about on par with the whitening strips: minimal.

My wife has had sensitive teeth for years and had to use special sensitive toothpaste or else she would have pain throughout the day every time she ate or drank anything that was even slightly cool or slightly warm — which, as you’re probably thinking, is practically everything.

Once we started having kids, we really invested our time into learning about natural alternatives that would be more effective and have no risks or side effects. After researching hundreds of ingredients and testing dozens, we found 100% natural and organic ingredients that do exactly what we were hoping for.

Our teeth are the whitest they can naturally be, my wife no longer has sensitive teeth issues and our children have beautiful cavity free smiles.

“I love that natural non-abrasive ingredients are much safer and more effective than the chemicals I bought from my dentist. Thank you so much!”


“I went to my dentist for a cleaning for the first time since I used Smart Ash. I’ve been going to her for years and without telling her I had been doing anything differently, it was the first time she commented on how my teeth looked whiter. It was also the first time she didn’t make comments about how I needed to make sure I floss every day. And the best part? I had only used it four times.”

–Jessica A. from Tennessee

We created an all natural and organic special blend of activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic mint extract and organic orange peel extract.

We call it Smart Ash, and our family personally makes each jar with love, right here in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal

This whitens your teeth by pulling out the stains. It polishes and removes toxins and boosts your natural immunity. We use the most effective activated charcoal available. The best water purifiers in the world remove all of the impurities from your water by using activated charcoal filters; we use a higher grade of activated charcoal than that.

All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

We searched until we found the absolute premier pharmaceutical grade clay that the world’s finest spas use for detoxifying and cleansing. It has a magnetic charge that absorbs toxins and eliminates them. Instead of abrasively scrubbing on your teeth and gums, it gently pulls the toxins out and it even helps strengthen and remineralize your teeth.

Certified Organic Mint Extract

This eliminates bad breath and soothes your teeth and gums while simultaneously reversing sensitivity and pain you may be experiencing.

Certified Organic Orange Peel Extract

Orange peel extract provides extra whitening by removing stains.

Combined, these ingredients are more effective than individually. They work synergistically to provide an amazing cleaning experience that only takes two minutes of brushing to give you that same feeling after you leave the dentist office for a cleaning. I personally use it every day now. I use it at night and I wake up with wonderful feeling clean teeth. That filmy feeling that is usually on your teeth when you wake up… it’s not there on mornings after I use this – and I love that.

“After 15 years of tobacco use and lots of coffee... in only one use I feel and see a huge difference.  It's awesome, thank you!”

–John F.

Smart Ash is made with love by two generations of our family (and a third in training!) in Franklin, Tennessee.

We are confident you will love it just as much as we do. We stand behind that statement by  offering you a money back guarantee. If you aren’t amazed at how clean your teeth feel and how beautiful they look after you use Smart Ash, send it back and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. No catch. No strings attached.

“I can't believe how clean my teeth feel.  I use it at night before I go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning, they still feel clean.  It's amazing!”

–Jim C.

“I paid hundreds of dollars to get the Zoom teeth whitening treatment at my dentist. The pain was excruciating. I felt like my skull might literally crack–it was terrible, and the pain didn’t completely go away until about the fourth day. After using Smart Ash only three times, my results met and exceeded the results I got from the Zoom treatment, and it was fast and fun. No pain at all. Just a couple minutes a day of lightly brushing and rinsing. Unbelievable. I will use this the rest of my life, and never even think about getting near a Zoom treatment ever again.”

–Sean M.

Are you ready to have beautiful white teeth?

+ One jar of Smart Ash lasts 6+ months if you use it every day

+ A single jar is only $30 and includes free USA shipping -- that's pennies per use

+ $10 shipping anywhere else in the world

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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